Physics 7 Math Review

Physics makes incredible use of a wide variety of tools and skills and ideas from various different branches of mathematics. This means that you'll need a solid background in math to fully understand and apply the physics, but it also means that learning the physics will often make the math suddenly seem much more meaningful!

I know that for many of you, it has been a year or several years or perhaps many years since you last took a math class, and in many cases maybe you didn't understand it as well as you would've liked in the first place. Here I have assembled a series of worksheets focusing on specific math concepts that will be especially important as you progress through the Physics 7 series. When possible, the practice problems put the math in the context of the physics you'll actually be using it for.

What I'd recommend doing with these: Read through the problems and try one or two from each section. If the problems in a given section seem extremely easy, don't worry about that section. If you struggle with them, then that's a topic you should study and practice! You are welcome to bring these worksheets to my office hours or any math drop-in tutoring if you would like help with them. Don't wait until it's too late; try these worksheets before the relevant skill becomes necessary in your physics class, so that you'll already be comfortable with it when the time comes.

Topic Worksheet Solutions
exponents & logarithms Exp & Log Worksheet
units of measurement & scientific notation Units Worksheet Units Solutions
solving equations & systems of equations Equations Worksheet
calculus: derivatives Derivatives Worksheet
calculus: integrals Integrals Worksheet Integrals Solutions
geometry: angles, lines, triangles Geometry Worksheet
trigonometry: right triangles, unit circle Trigonometry Worksheet Trigonometry Solutions
introduction to vectors Vectors Worksheet Vectors Solutions