Physics 7 Math Review

This is a once-weekly workshop intended for students currently taking Physics 7A (but other students are also welcome). We will be reviewing the math skills that you will need to succeed in Physics 7B and 7C by working on practice problems similar to what you will be doing in those classes.

Each week we will be focusing on one particular math topic or collection of related topics, as described below. You are welcome to attend as many or as few as you think you need. I will be posting worksheets here as I write them so you can test yourself in advance to see what you most need to review.

This workshop is a work in progress, so the schedule may change over the course of the quarter. Please check this webpage to know for sure.

Date Topic Worksheet Solutions
Oct 04 exponents & logarithms Exp & Log Worksheet
Oct 11 units of measurement & scientific notation Units Worksheet Units Solutions
Oct 18 solving equations & systems of equations Equations Worksheet
Oct 25 calculus: derivatives Derivatives Worksheet
Nov 01 calculus: integrals Integrals Worksheet Integrals Solutions
Nov 08 geometry: angles, lines, triangles Geometry Worksheet
Nov 15 trigonometry: right triangles, unit circle Trigonometry Worksheet Trigonometry Solutions
Nov 22 introduction to vectors Vectors Worksheet Vectors Solutions