Googie-style billboard with the text 'CASEY'S MATH-O-RAMA AND PHYSICS EMPORIUM: Making Sense of the Universe with the Man in the Cape'
"The getting of wisdom is no match for the thrill of the chase,
and those who choose the longer road shall reap their reward!"
— Graeme Base, The Eleventh Hour

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Check it out; I was interviewed by The Aggie!

NOTE: I will not be in CADSS for drop-in tutoring on the morning of Wednesday May 8.
I will be in the library for drop-in tutoring in the afternoon.

Other Useful Links

Academic Assistance & Tutoring Centers, the UCD department where I work

Aggie Compass for basic needs such as finances, food, housing, and mental wellness

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Customizable Graph Paper you can download and print out

XKCD, a webcomic that often involves math/physics/engineering

The Greek Alphabet in case you need to know what all those variables are called

Eureka!, a series of short (~5 minutes each) cartoons from 1980 about basic physics
(may use different terminology and notation than your physics class, but same core ideas)

If you're looking for information on my old Napa classes, click here.

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