Physics 7C

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Videochat Protocol

When you enter office hours, please click on your name, select "Rename," and add
the class you are in to the end of your name (e.g. "Agatha Heterodyne Phys 7C")
to make it easier for me to see who is in which class.

I find it easier to teach when I can see people's faces. You don't have to
turn on video if you can't or don't want to, but if you're willing, please
use a picture of yourself as your profile picture; if not, perhaps a picture of a
pet or an ancestor or your favorite superhero / musician / cartoon character.

FAQ about Physics 7C

Practice Final (cobbled together from a bunch of old quizzes)
solutions to the practice final

Here's a website with LOTS of old practice tests
(not mine, but very useful; I think it was assembled by a TA some years ago)

Wondering what exactly an electric field is?
Watch my video lecture on electric fields!

You might also find this chart comparing electrical quantities useful for reference.

Wave Graphs Practice Worksheet

2D Wave Pulse Animation