Physics 7B

Playlists of Workshop Videos Organized by Topic:

1) Fluids and the Bernoulli Equation

2) Electrical Circuits

3) Capacitors and Exponential Decay

4) Vectors and Translational Motion

5) Rotational Motion and Statics Problems

6) Graphs of Motion and the Kinematic Equations

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FAQ about Physics 7B

Practice Final (old, but covers most of the major topics)
solutions to the practice final

More Practice Problems on topics not covered by the practice final

Introduction to Electrical Circuits

Circuit Diagram Handout

Circuit Analysis Practice Worksheet and solutions

Exponential Decay practice problems and solutions

Trigonometry Review Worksheet and solutions -- do this before the vector review worksheet!

Vector Review Worksheet and solutions -- do this before we finish covering capacitors!

Kinematics Charts displaying all the important variables involved in motion