Math 22B

Playlists of Workshop Videos Organized by Topic:

Chapter 1-2: First Order Differential Equations

Chapter 3-4: Higher Order Differential Equations

Chapter 6: Laplace Transforms

Chapter 7: Systems of Differential Equations

and also
I'm gradually creating a series of Differential Equations mini-lectures

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Prior Math Skills You Will Need

Several Old Practice Midterms & Finals

Example of a spreadsheet using Euler's Method

Cool Graphs of 2nd Order Mass-on-a-Spring Solutions

an extensive Laplace Table
for your convenient reference

a worksheet of Eigenvector Practice Problems

a video lecture about Ex. & Uniq. Theorem and Picard's Method
(warning: large)

...and a video file of a final review session
(warning: large)

For Prof. Tracy's class only: Casey's Notecard on Quantum Notation