Math 222: Differential Equations

Math 222: Differential Equations

(I will add more to this page as the semester progresses, including midterm review sheets.)

Instructor: Casey Davis

Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 11:00 am—12:20 pm

Room: 1632

Office Hours: none yet.

Syn#: 51668

Text: Fundamentals of Differential Equations by Nagle, 7th edition.



MIDTERM #1: Tuesday, February 22, covering chapters 1-3.

Midterm #1 Review Sheet

MIDTERM #2: Thursday, March 24, covering chapter 4, §3.5, and §§6.1-2.

Midterm #2 Review Sheet

MIDTERM #3: Tuesday, April 26, covering chapter 7.

Midterm #3 Review Sheet

MIDTERM #4: Tuesday, May 17 (?), covering chapter 9.

FINAL EXAM: Tuesday, May 24, 10:30 am—12:30 pm

Course Syllabus with topics to review (.rtf file)

Greek alphabet

Other Helpful Links:

MathGV (free graphing software for Windows)

information about Grapher (graphing software included in Mac 10.4 and higher; look in /Applications/Utilities/)

Wolfram Mathworld (huge encyclopedia of various mathematical topics; rather advanced, but occasionally useful)

CPM Skill Builders (review worksheets explaining core algebra topics)

Mathman Tutoring (based in Napa; we taught at the same school years ago)

BoxCar2D: cars that evolve! I'm sure you can find a way to claim that it's related to differential equations. :-)

Forced sinusoidal oscillations from the recent tsunami at the Monterey Bay Aquarium! Notice the amplitude decay.

Dwarf Fortress, a game geology/mining/metallurgy simulator. Perhaps not directly applicable to this class, but it's programmed by a mathematician!